What is ARC?
ARC is a program that ensures RFID tags (or tagged items) meet the retailer’s performance requirements.
How many retailers use ARC?
12 retailers use ARC.
What are RFID tags?
RFID tags, are a combination of a specific chip and antenna design. It looks like this: .
How many inlay manufacturers work with ARC?
More than 20 inlay manufacturers currently work with ARC.
What are RFID tagged items?
When the RFID inlay is applied to the product, it becomes a RFID tagged item.
How many inlays are part of the ARC performance database?
More than 300 RFID inlays comprise the ARC performance database.
What is an RFID use case?
An RFID use case is how RFID is used in a specific scenario. It primarily consists of a specific set of RFID reader, products that are tagged with RFID, environment, and the scanning methods.
How long has ARC been in operation?
ARC has been in operation since 2009.
What is an RF performance requirement?
Each RFID use case requires a specific level of performance from the RFID tags to successfully read the tag. This required performance is the RF performance requirement.
How many product categories has ARC worked with?
To date, ARC has worked with more than 30 product categories. Most are in the retail sector.
What is a Spec?
A “Spec” is a document that contains the RF performance requirement.
Does ARC work only for retail RFID applications?
No. ARC can be used for any RFID application. ARC has been used by industries such as aerospace manufacturing and waste management.

Who can help me generate the RF performance requirement for my use case?
ARC certified professionals, ARC, or an expert that has the required knowledge and experience can help you to generate an RF performance requirement.
Does ARC use a proprietary method to develop the RF performance requirements?
No. ARC uses open source methods. We are planning to make the source available on the web soon, but until then, you can request the documents via email
How long does it take to generate a Spec for a use case?
1-2 days typically is the time needed to generate a Spec.
Is ARC the only method to develop RF performance requirements?
No. There can be others. We have used this process successfully with more than 12 retailers in the past six years.
I do not want to generate a Spec. Instead, can I test every single inlay in my use cases to see if it will work?
Sure, if you have the time and resources. ARC is a very good method to evaluate inlay performance. Just make sure that the testing scenario covers all aspects of the use case, no short cuts.
Is one requirement better than another? Can I just use the highest requirement?
There is no good requirement or bad requirement. There is only the right requirement. Performance requirements are not linear.
Why should I generate a Spec?
A Spec enables you to share your performance requirement with retail suppliers and inlay manufacturers.

It provides a scalable and reliable way to verify inlay performance against your performance requirement without having to extensively test every inlay on the market in your use case.

It enables innovation from the inlay manufacturing community. They use Specs to build better products that meet your performance requirement.
How many new inlay models are released annually by inlay manufacturers?
More than 30 new inlay models are released each year.
How important is the process used to generate the Spec from the use case?
The process used to generate a Spec is very important. If not done correctly, you will end up with an incorrect requirement. Working with an incorrect requirement will only lead to failure.
Does ARC ensure inlay quality?
The current ARC program ensures inlay quality indirectly by requiring inlays to be submitted for measurements in large quantities on continuous rolls. We are developing an addition to the ARC program that focuses on quality. The ARC quality program will be released in spring of 2016.

Retail Suppliers
How does one find the requirement for a specific retailer?
Contact your retailer to obtain the requirement spec for your product. Different product types can have different requirements.
What if the tag that I want to use is not listed in the approved inlay list?
You can directly submit your tagged item using any inlay you like for testing against an ARC requirement. Please contact ARC for more details.
Will all retailers have the same requirement for my products?
No, different retailers may have different requirements for the same product.
Is there a best tag in the list?
All the inlays meet the requirement. Choose a tag based on your packing and business needs.